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Señorio de Astobiza is a small, family-owned and operated winery in the Txakoli de Alava D.O. of Spain. Named after a portion of the mountains nearby, Astobiza is a young bodega with old family history in winemaking (thus the Señorio in the name).

The Astobiza Gin is a genuinely artisanal product. The juniper berries are from the Ayala Valley, where Astobiza is to be found. Six of the eleven botanicals (flowers, tendrils, vine leaves, grapes, sloes and blackberries) come from the vineyards; two from the winery itself (grape must and the "essence of the harvest" - essentially the CO2 from the fermentation) and the final three - lemons, grapefruit and strawberries - are all from the surrounding villages. These are infused at Basque Moonshiners, a micro-distillery which can trace its story back to the Spanish Civil War.

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Senorio de Astobiza Dry Spanish Gin
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