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One bottle. Two great flavors. We proofed our signature wheated bourbon down to bottling strength with Portland’s local Junior’s Roasted Coffee cold brew for this delicious spirit. Think of it as Irish ingenuity meets Pacific Northwest café culture.

The nose has rich caramel aromatics. The body has bold coffee flavors that melt into the smooth wheated bourbon base. Sweet and bitter notes mingle and coalesce. The finish is a lingering blend of bitter and sour.

Cold Brew Bourbon is wonderful neat or on ice but also shines in a spirit forward cocktail: a Smoked Old Fashioned, a Boulevardier, or a Remember the Maine! Try substituting Cold Brew Bourbon into your favorite Rye whiskey cocktail and enjoy pronounced coffee notes instead of spice. Add Cold Brew Bourbon to your morning coffee, splash it in your iced latte, or savor it at night. With a dash of caffeine, this flavorful and rich Cold Brew Bourbon is the bourbon that keeps the night going.

Mark's Staff Pick- 

Interesting take on bourbon. Nice marriage of coffee and bourbon.  Not sweet at all. Really balanced. Real coffee flavor really compliments the quality bourbon. A pleasant surprise.

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Aimsir Cold Brew Bourbon

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