Shipping Regulations

There are several states that legally as a retailer we are not allowed to ship alcohol into, this is not the same law for wineries. If you do not see your state listed please email us to inquire.

How long have you been in business?

Madwine was purchased in 2009 as an extension of our main business Esquin Wine & Spirits which has been around since 1969.  Owner Chuck LeFevre is the second owner, a customer that purchased the business when the original owner Rand was ready to retire.

Contact Information

For questions regarding an order placed online please email us @

For question regarding anything available at our store front please call or email.

Phone: 206-682-7374

Monday - Wednesday 10-6
Thursday - Friday 10-7
Saturday 9:30-6
Sunday 11-5

Shipping Rates

We understand that it can be expensive to ship wine we have done everything we can do reduce the amount it costs. The fact remains that wine bottles can weight a lot and it is alcohol so there are extra steps that have to be taken into account when shipping. Carriers charge based on weight and includes a fee for adult signature.  

We do not inflate our costs, we charge what our carriers are charging us.  We continue to look for ways to reduce our costs. 

How do I know if my product is available?

If a product is available to purchase you will have the option to “add to cart” if a wine is out of stock you will only see the “view” button.

Website Images

We recommend that you do not purchase a bottle of wine on the website based on the image that you see attached to the wine.  Purchase based on the name of the wine since images may or may  not be correct or may have changed before we realize and can update.   Sometimes mistakes are made and images may not reflect the bottle you are looking for. 

Why is the wine I want out of stock?

The wine could be out of stock for many reasons, usually it is because our distributor is waiting for another shipment in which case when we update the site at the beginning of each month you may see the wine you are looking for available again.  

The wine could be out of stock because the current vintage is sold out and we are waiting for the new vintage to become available. In that case it could be several months before you see the wine available again.

I am looking an older vintage than I see showing on your website

Chances are if you are looking for an older vintage and are not seeing it on our website it is because it is no longer available. Our distributors typically do not sell us a new vintage until the old vintage is sold out.

Vintage Substitutions

We do our best to make sure that the site is as up to date as possible, but things in the wine world can change quickly. We will not send a new vintage of a wine without permission. During the check out process you will be asked a simple question. Ship regardless of vintage or Please contact me if the vintage changes. If requested we will email you to let you know of any change before we ship.

How soon will my order ship one I place my order?

Madwine is somewhat of a virtual website, although we have over 5,000 different wines available in our store we may not have your particular wine available the day you place your order. We wanted to give you as many options to find the wine you want so we offer you what is available to us in the market. We place orders twice a week for wines that are ordered that are not in our store. Most order ship within 2-3 business days if a wine is not in stock.  

*Please be aware that choosing express shipping does not change the processing time of your order. 

How often is your site updated?

We work with our distributors monthly to update available wines on the site, this includes vintages as well as pricing. We do our best to keep the information as up to date as possible, although things will be missed. If that happens we will contact you as soon as possible.

Does weather affect shipping times?

Yes, wine is an investment, we want the product you order to arrive to you safely. We watch weather closely. During summer months we do not like to ship if it is going to be over 85 degrees. Winter months we do not like to ship under 32 degrees. We do error on the side of caution, we have been shipping for a long time and we are pretty good at it. If we feel it is not safe to ship your wine we will contact you. Orders held for weather will be charged once the orders are filled regardless of when they are shipped.

What are your return policies?

If you order wine and it is corked or spoiled, don’t throw the bottle away. Contact us, we will make a decision if we need you to return all the wine. We can set up call tags or send you a return tag.

If you purchase a wine and just don’t like it, we may be able to take back the wine. The return shipping charge will need to be paid by the customer and the original shipping charge will not be refunded. A restocking fee may be applied.

How long does it take to get my wine?

Once the wine is shipped it depends on where the package is going.  Most carriers shipping ground service have up to 7 business days to deliver.  

Here is a map of the average Ground delivery times. These times are not guaranteed: