Ancho Reyes and Ancho Reyes Verde are handcrafted using chiles native to Puebla. We utilize the time-honored techniques for making menjurjes mastered by artisans in 1920's Puebla.

Our poblano chiles are cultivated in the volcano-enriched soils of Puebla. After harvest, the soil is rested for three years before it again grows chiles.

One by one, each poblano chile is individually hand-selected for quality. For Ancho Reyes Verde, the chiles are harvested earlier, while green. For Ancho Reyes Original, the chiles are harvested later, once they've matured and turned red.

For Ancho Reyes Verde, a portion of the poblano chiles are fire roasted. The poblano chiles express a bright, crisp, and fresh heat.

The poblano chiles used in Ancho Reyes Verde are mashed. The ancho chiles used in Ancho Reyes Original are scissor-sliced by hand, a painstaking, time-consuming process that ensures that we use only the finest chiles.

For half of a year, the chiles soak in a stepped process, macerating in small vats of neutral cane spirit from Veracruz, Mexico.

Imbued with chile flavor, the resulting liquid is then hand-blended by our Maestra Maceradora - or Master Blender, to maintain consistent flavor and spice.

The mixture rests, allowing the flavors to combine perfectly.

Once ready, the liquid is bottled. Each bottle is inspected individually then hand labeled according to tradition.

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Ancho Reyes Verde Chili Liqueur

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