Life is sweet when you can choose from a stunning array of the world’s great dessert wines. Port wine, Sherry, Sauternes, Madeira, Tokaji, Late Harvests and more, we can provide a perfect pairing to put the smile on at the end of a meal.

Port wines are divided into two types: Ruby Port and Tawny Port. Ruby Port is ruby in color and primarily aged in bottle (Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage and Vintage Character Ports). Tawny Port is aged in barrel and is nutty brown in color with a hint of rose. Sauternes are from the southern part of Bordeaux. They are made from botrytis affected (noble rot) Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes. Fortified wines, including Sherry and Madeira, are made by adding neutral grape spirit (brandy) during fermentation. This stops fermentation and leaves behind residual sugar, rendering the wine sweet but with 17+% alcohols.

Other dessert wines are made from dried grapes, like Tokaji and Italy’s passito wines. Others still are made from frozen grapes – ice wine – or late harvested grapes, like Germany’s Beerenauslese or Alsace’s Vendange Tardives.

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