Wine Safari with Foodista

Mad Wine My good friends at Foodista, Barnaby (auteur) and Andrea (charming co-star), put together a great little video tour of Esquin and were kind enough to let yours truly be the guide. On our "wine safari" I help Andrea navigate the dizzying array of wine selections and give her some tips on how to find great wines in the face of unfamiliar names and labels. In the new year we hope to be working on some more videos focused on a single topic such as region, style, or varietal. (There also needs to be some rigorous work on my part to expunge "um's" and "you know's" from my on-camera work; it's all a bit nerve-wracking!) I'll also be a bit more contentious, controversial, and contrarian. Because it's who I am. So is there any wine topic you'd like to see us potentially cover in 2011? Suggestions welcome! Follow Esquin on Twitter