Weekend Wine Pairing - Spinach and Pesto Gnocchi w/ Love & Squalor Sauvignon Blanc

Mad Wine
Love & Squalor Sauvignon Blanc is aromatic with hints of passion fruit and guava zesty with lime, gooseberry and green apple but this wine isn't just about fruit it is a perfect balance of acid and fruit this wine has minerality and a slight savory note. Green herb notes on the palate with a nice clean finish. The grapes come from two vineyards: Redford-Wetle in the Eola-Amity hills and Aurora Colony Vineyard in Aurora. If there is one last master of white winemaking for Matt to get tutored by it would be Myron Redford of Redford-Wetle Vineyard, founder of Amity Vineyards and white wine evangelist. This wine is versatile and could pair with many different dishes - shellfish, vegetable dishes, pastas, salads of all kinds. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the few wines that is perfectly suited to foil many tricky ingredients that are notoriously hard to pair like - artichokes, asparagus, green herbs, goat cheese. Always a favorite the Love & Squalor Sauvignon Blanc really struts it stuff when paired to a dish like Spinach Gnocchi: Spinach Gnocchi with Pesto 1 pound Roasted potatoes ½ cup Ricotta 4 ounces Spinach, cooked and chopped ¼ teaspoon Nutmeg 2 each Egg Yolks 1 cup Flour or more as needed 1 tsp Salt Pinch White Pepper Pesto Sauce Pecorino Romano for grating Printable recipe w/ instructions