Grilled Sausage Pizza

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Pizza is my favorite food. Maybe it's because I am a baker at heart, but I love Pizza. I am not a Pizza snob, I have a very ecumenical approach to flatbread; I love traditional Naples style, Chicago, thin crust, thick crust, bring it on. A couple of grilled pizza's, a big green salad, an antipasti plate and a couple of bottles of a lighter bodied red and you have yourself a party. There are number of great bottles out that are perfect for company and affordable enough for a party! Mason's Red by Casey Coble is a perfect example. ROBERT RAMSAY MASON'S RED 2015 $14.99 Mason’s Red was created as a “food friendly” wine with generous acidity to complement all foods-except maybe breakfast cereal. Enjoy Mason’s any night, whether you're eating a fresh harvest from the farmers’ market, oven-fired pizza, or creamy sauces that demand a wine with a structure that cuts through with a pleasurable balance. Mason’s is a Cinsault-based blend that changes every year-picking up the flavors and the personality of the winemaker, Casey Cobble Hightower Murray Cuvee 2014 $14.99 Hightower's entry red is a one of Washington State's best red wine values! Layered and complex, with ripe blueberry and cassis flavors and hints of tobacco, Bing cherry and black currants. Murray a big genial Pup that loved parties! If you have company pull out some nice stuff like a Bottle of Baer Star from Woodinville. Baer winery is a family run winery in Woodinville that has been making waves for number of years. The Baer Ursa has an almost cult like following, and since receiving 95 points and claiming the #6 spot on the Wine Spectator's TOP 100, the Ursa has been getting harder and harder to get your hands on. The Baer Star is affectionately called the "Baby-Ursa' around the shop, this new single vineyard blend from Baer is another Merlot driven blend and just plain delicious. Grilled Pizza with Sausage Dough: 1 Cup Water 2 Tbl Olive Oil 2 tsp sugar 1 tsp dry yeast 1 tsp salt 2 Cup (11oz) OO flour, plus more for work surface Cornmeal for peal Topping: 1 14 oz Can Crushed tomatoes 1 Tbl Olive Oil 1 each Garlic clove, Minced or Pressed ½ tsp black pepper 1 tsp Oregano 8 oz Sausage 4 oz Mozzarella, low moisture 4 oz Fontina Red Pepper Julienne, for Garnish Fresh Sage leaves, for garnish Dough 1. In large mixing bowl combine water, sugar and yeast. Let bloom. 2. Add remaining ingredients and combine with hand. Let rest 30 min. 3. Punch down dough and need for a few minutes. Lest retard in refrigerator for 20 – 30 minutes. 4. Pull out and divide into two dough balls 5. Roll out dough into 12” circles. Sauce 6. In bowl combine Tomato, garlic, olive oil and seasoning Prepare Charcoal fire or preheat Gas grill (medium Heat) 7. Lightly spread pizza peel with cornmeal and place one dough on peel 8. Slide dough off onto grill and grill 1 – 2 minutes 9. Remove from grill and invert onto peel 10. Spread precooked dough with Sauce and top with cheese and fresh sausage 11. Slide back onto grill and close cover and cook for another 3 – 4 minutes 12. Remove from grill and garnish with fresh sage and red pepper julienne