Four Roses Esquin Single Barrel - OESK

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Four Roses Esquin Single Barrel - OESK

ABV: 54.8% Store: Esquin

Age: 10 yrs 1 mo Barrel No:214

$89.99 until February 28th / reg $97.99 btl - save $8

We are beyond honored to have procured our very own barrel of Bourbon form one of Kentucky's oldest distillery - Four Roses. We only have a dozen cases of this batch, unlike any other, and we want to share with you! Esquin's Four Roses Single Barrel OESK Nose: Woody and spicy with nice notes of char, fruit and dark sweets. Palate: Delicate, woody, fruity, fresh, creamy, caramel, vanilla, and toffee reminiscent of Fiddle Faddle. Finish: Wood, spice, vanilla and grains that fade out sweetly Overall: This is smack you in the face solid bourbon! Complex, Rich and Warm. Enjoy a glass of this any time. What are we going to do with the empty barrel? Make some beer, of course, stay tuned for details...