Do you drink pink?

Mad Wine
IMAG3674Normally, we would feel like we were just settling in to summer... but it seems like every year, our summer starts a little earlier. Whether its the anticipation of fresh rosé arriving, or the weather changing sooner (like a June summer! What?) or the anticipation of vacations! Either way, we are seeing an increase in people that drink pink every year and we are thrilled. Rosé isn't what it used to be. It's not your grandma's jug in the fridge (not that there's anything wrong with that Grandma! ). We see rosé coming from all over the world now and at many different price levels. So the two questions we hear all the time are...does price matter and is darker really sweeter? Here's the thing. Don't be afraid of affordable wine! Sure. Price CAN matter. But as with anything, you can find a great wine to fit your budget. And when the occasion allows itself, you can surely find one to spoil your palate. We are firm believers in quality to price ratio. And we truly believe you can find an affordable every day Rosé and you can find that incredible pale Tavel you keep hearing about, and splurging on ok! 'Its dark! It must be sweet!". We've heard this countless times and sure. Some of the dark rosé's are sweeter. But its not always the rule. If you aren't sure, check the alcohol level...the color comes from skin contact, so its not always a sure fire way to know. Look for a rosé over 12%... But. When in doubt...ask us! That's what we are here for! And we love talking about wine! Here are a few favorite's this season: Esquin Exclsive: 2014 Clos Alivu Rosé, Corsica ~ $18.99/bottle Hot Seller: 2014 La Spinetta Rosato, Italy ~ $19.99/bottle Fresh off the boat!: 2014 Serpolet Rosé, France ~ $12.99/bottle (this sexy little bottle come in...well, just that! a little bottle! 375ml available for only $9.99! Esquin's Rhapsody of Rosé Sampler: 6 bottles to try! only $59.99