Cadence Winery...Our March Winery of the Month!

Cadence Winery...Our March Winery of the Month!

Alisha Gosline

March is Washington Wine month!  There are so many great wineries in our state, we are SO lucky!  This month we are featuring Cadence.  Cadence has been our neighbor for years and we've become good friends over the years.  since 1998 Ben Smith and his wife Gaye McNutt have been making incredible high quality wines.  They're just down the street from the store, and they only make 2,000 cases each year.  To put that in to perspective, a winery like, say...Columbia Winery makes 80k cases!  

The focus is on quality, elegance and power...Cadence sources their wines from some of the best sites in Washington State.  Red Mountain, Ciel du Cheval, Taptiel and their own estate Cara Mia Vineyard.  Stephen Tanzer has named Ben one of the superstars of WA Wine and most recently Tapteil secured the #22 spot on the Top 100 wines of 2020 from Owen Bargreen.

Ben and Gaye and Cadence have been a long time favorite at Esquin.  The wines are bold, and elegant and are consistently incredible.  Its Washington Wine Month and to celebrate Cadence we are offering an additional 5% on All Cadence wines purchased through!  Just click HERE!

Bel Canto 2017 - WS 93, ST 94, WE 92
Camerata 2017 - WS 94, ST 92, WE 92
Ciel du Cheval 2017 - WS 92, ST 92+, WE 93
Taptiel 2017- WS 91, ST 93+, WE 93
Coda 2018 - WS 92, ST 90, WE 90
Rose 2018